A Whole New Life!

(Li-hsueh Tsai, Project Manager)

I had been suffering from illnesses since my childhood. After getting my master’s degree in the US, I moved to the Netherlands. Every year when I visited my family in Taiwan, I brought back fifty to sixty bottles of Chinese medicine for the whole year to treat my physical problems. Seeking peace of mind, I became a Buddhist and a vegetarian, read books on Buddhism, did transcendental meditation, and I even went to a mountain in New York to experience a nun's life.

In 2015, I joined Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. Practicing qigong daily not only heals my physical problems but also brings me peace of mind. In the past, I had suffered a lot from urticaria, skin allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, enteritis, gastritis, blackened toes, poor blood circulation, heart congestion and benign tumors (for 30 years), but now they are all cured. During qigong meditation, I have realized that my attachment to reaching perfection is the true cause of the disturbance of my mind. Getting rid of the attachment to perfection has made my life simpler, and my communication with people has become much easier. I have become braver, more confident, and more comfortable with myself. The increasing energy of body and mind I have gained through practicing Tai Ji Men qigong has helped me to achieve a better quality in life, in work, and in parent-child relationship.

Working at the Royal Delft in the Netherlands for six months, I was already given the most important responsibility of hosting VIPs from Asia, including high-ranking government officials. With more than 10 years of teaching painting courses, I became the first employee who was qualified to teach porcelain painting during the workshop. The company was very proud of me for bringing in 8,000 euros as the record-breaking revenue in two hours. Royal Delft, a world famous brand of "Made in the Netherlands", presents mainly Dutch heritage, Dutch history and Dutch products through Dutch local people. But I was honored to be the first Asian employee ever to publicly receive international guests at the reception.

My gratitude to Shifu, who taught me qigong! Practicing qigong has brought me so many benefits that I am continuously able to improve the quality of my life, to understand and to carry out the precious value of being a human being!

Photo Caption:
During the annual Open Day at the Royal Delft, Li-hsueh Tsai (back row, left) taught international visitors porcelain painting.