Overcoming My Back Pain

     Two years ago, I suffered from lower back pain because of a pinched nerve, which also affected my right leg. The pain was so severe that I couldn't sit or lie down normally. I could only depend on pain medications to get some relief. I was so scared about the sudden onset of this pain. My children were still little, only four and six years old. What if I couldn't stand up any more? What if I couldn't afford the medical expenses? Who else would take care of my children? I definitely had to find a way to get back my health. 


     Therefore, I quit my job and stayed at home to recuperate. After six months of medical treatment, my right leg had improved a little. However, my back pain was still bothering me all the time. A Chinese proverb goes: “One with chronic illness drives away even the most dutiful son." For me, I couldn't be a dutiful wife or a loving mother because of my long-term illness. When I was in pain, I would easily get mad and would often quarrel with my husband when we had different opinions. At that time, my older son just started his first year in elementary school, and he was trying to fit into the new environment. I was often notified by his teacher of the trouble he made at school. I didn't have the patience to help him and would only scold him or spank him. Actually, I felt guilty that I was not a good mother. However, because of the pain, I couldn't sit, stand, or walk for a long period of time. I found it very hard to play with my kids. Sometimes, I couldn't even bear their weight when they suddenly rushed to me and gave me a big hug, let alone take them to movies, go shopping, or go for a leisurely walk. If possible, I would have loved to be a good mother.


      When I heard one of my old classmates mention that her ankylosing spondylitis had improved because of practicing Tai Ji Men Qigong, I thought that was incredible. This motivated my whole family to join Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy to practice qigong. In the beginning, I was doubtful and kept asking, "Can I really restore my health?" Through the encouragement of the brothers and sisters at the academy, I diligently practiced qigong twice a day, in the morning and evening. I started to notice that my body had gradually become more relaxed, and I grew more cheerful. After practicing qigong for two months, I was so excited to find that I could finally lie on my back while sleeping. In the past, I had such excruciating pain in my back that I couldn't lie on my back or turn over. I had to curve my body to avoid any pain, and a "wrong" movement or position could trigger more pain. Although I had gone through physical therapy for a long period of time, there was hardly any improvement. However, after practicing qigong, I gradually experienced improvements. Now I can do household chores without wearing a back belt for support. Finally, I can fulfill my sons' wish to take them on a family trip instead of sending them to a daycare center during the summer.


     After my back had improved significantly, I started to learn to do a dance with the brothers and sisters at the academy. Then we presented our dance to many audiences in different cities. When my whole family was dancing on the stage, I could feel the happy energy radiating from us to the audience, and it felt so good! I feel so grateful that I am healthy now and can spread my happiness to others.


     Now I am proud to say that I am a good mother. I can open my arms to give my sons a big hug. I can take their hands to visit different scenic places and listen to their stories at school with patience. Most importantly, I can happily and healthily accompany them when they are growing up. Now we are moving toward a hopeful future together.


by Chun-Mei Hong, Tai Ji Men Dizi