Overcoming the Shackles of Menopause

Aging, illness, and death are things no one can escape from. When I was 42 years old, the doctor officially diagnosed that I had entered menopause. At the time, I didn't experience any significant changes and didn't feel old. I had occasional hot flushes, but that didn't affect my life much. I continued my busy work life until I was 45. One day when I came home from work, I suddenly had continuous twitching in my palm, and my mouth and tongue became numb. I quickly went to a nearby store and asked for some water and for an ambulance. I also asked my brother to come for me. Later, the nurse said, "You are all right! Take a moment to rest. Then we will check your blood pressure again. Don't worry! You are going to be okay!" At the time, the doctor diagnosed me with autonomic dysfunction.


Later on, because I would often get dizzy spells, chest tightness, heart weakness, difficulty breathing, and general malaise and had no appetite, I was very scared. Even when taking the bus, I would worry if something would happen to me. Sometimes, even crossing the street would be an arduous and difficult task due to my lack of energy. Sometimes, I would walk leaning to one side. Finally, I had no choice but to resign my job and recuperate at home.


While at home recovering, I went to numerous physicians, including doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, internal medicine doctors, cardiologists, gynecologists, psychologists, neurologists, etc. in various medical institutions, large and small. They gave me different diagnoses, including psychosomatic disorder, autonomic nerve disorder, mitral valve regurgitation, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. One of the doctors told me, "It will pass once you get through menopause." Despite his reassurance, my discomfort remained, and I kept asking myself, "What can I do?"


One day, while practicing qigong, I thought of my shifu (master), Dr. Tao-Tze Hong, who once told me, "You shall seek within yourself, as your inner self can teach you!" Therefore, I began to reflect upon myself time and time again. Indeed, I realized I had many shortcomings: I was too often pessimistic, tense, impatient, and critical of others, and thus always had disturbances in my mind. Shifu also reminded us, "We all have 24 hours in a day, we can choose to live the day in pain or in happiness." With this, something in my mind “clicked.” I learned to encourage myself to focus on happy thoughts and take positive actions, which would make me happy. Whenever negative thoughts crept into my head, I would go to the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, spending time with Tai Ji Men brothers and sisters, and slowly but surely, my mood would brighten to become radiant and happy. I then gradually got rid of a negative mindset.


Ha! Ha! Ha! Nowadays, I am so cheerful. I am eternally grateful to my Shifu for teaching me to cultivate my body and heart through qigong. He also taught me to "cultivate positive energy to save my inner self"--which is a precious key to good health. Finally, two years later, when I was 47, I was able to return to my workplace and was happy to be of service to the community. Now, I am already 60 years old. I remain young at heart and work happily with an energy level like that of a young person! As a working professional, aside from a busy work schedule, I also cook and take care of my family, and I regularly practice qigong to stay healthy physically and emotionally. After overcoming the menopause and the shackles it once put on me, I have a totally new transformed life. Ah, this is utterly awesomely amazing!


by Wen-Ru Hsu, Tai Ji Men Dizi