Saying Goodbye to My Allergies

The weather has started to turn chilly these days. I see a lot of people around me having allergies--sneezing, runny nose, and other symptoms. This reminds me that I haven't been bothered by allergies for a very long time, and I'm very grateful for that.


I began to have allergies since childhood. Whenever I ate shellfish, my skin would swell up. I would sneeze and have a runny nose when the air quality was poor or during sudden temperature changes. On fall mornings like this, as soon as I got up, I would have a runny nose and a headache. I would not feel secure without carrying a lot of tissues with me when going out. I remember one time in university while the professor was lecturing, I kept wiping my nose. My classmate teased me by saying, "Are you that moved by his lecture?" Even though my allergies were non-life-threatening, they were quite an annoyance.



I'm very happy that I have found a natural remedy for my allergies! In my junior year in university, my eldest sister told me that my grandpa and grandma both died of cancer. She stressed that good health is truly important and encouraged me to join Tai Ji Men to practice qigong. At Tai Ji Men, I learned to breathe more effectively and to cultivate good energy, which helped boost up both my spirits and stamina. To my amazement, after three months of qigong practice, my allergies gradually went away. I no longer sneezed or had a runny nose right after I got up in the morning. Ha, ha! Since I no longer needed to use a lot of tissues, I saved a lot of money! Additionally, I was able to enjoy all kinds of seafood and no longer felt insecure without carrying tissues with me. I could stay more focused as I no longer had nasal congestion or stuffy head and didn't need to blow my nose constantly. I became more efficient in my studies and thus graduated as one of the top three students in my department. It feels so great to say goodbye to my allergies and to restore my health and happiness!


My son has also joined Tai Ji Men. Although he has inherited my genes and is prone to allergies, he has improved his health through practicing qigong regularly, too. My son and I have both built a protective shield for ourselves, so we are not affected by air quality or temperature change any more!


by Su-Luo Yang, Tai Ji Men Dizi