How I spent the weekend before Christmas

IMG 6068 sI go to the Tai ji men academy of Los Angeles which is in Walnut every other Friday evening where I join a group practice soft physical exercise. Saturday afternoon has class activities which focus on both physical and other lessons. On Saturday eveningthere was a program where I was the star, dressed up completely; with a Santa suit and a bag of candy canes.

I also took the role of conductor for a couple of Christmas carols, directing the members to utilize animated movements based on which of three different groups they were in. Afterwards, I took a seat by the Christmas tree where I held the little ones and posed with several people who wanted pictures with their own Santa. I am sure that the pictures have journeyed to friends in Taiwan where most of the members have extended family.


The best the thing about wearing the Santa suit was that unlike last year where I was bigger than the suit, this year I had lost fifteen pounds so I am a bit smaller and the suit was much looser. I also have gained physical strength and have gained significant ground in my battle with congestion.

To learn more about (Tai ji men Qigong Academy) go to: or visit me, my son and his wife, or many of the Tai Ji Men members in Walnut.

By John Selfridge