Thinking Good Thoughts to Turn Your Destiny Around

Life is like the Tai Ji symbol, with the bright part signifying the ups, and the dark part the downs. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which put me at the nadir of my life.  At that time, I tried to find a solution to this problem through external factors. I tried to improve my diet and exercise more to prevent the cancer from coming back.  However, I was often anxious on the inside. When I had a stomachache, I thought that the cancer had spread to my liver.  When I felt pain in the back, I suspected that was metastasis to the bones.  I basically lived in fear.  I knew I had to make changes; otherwise, I would scare myself to death way before the cancer could kill me.  

Upon my family’s recommendation, I joined Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy to practice qigong and to learn the wisdom of yin and yang.  At Tai Ji Men I have also learned to find solutions to problems from within.  Gradually, I found that the true reason of my illness lied in my sick mentality.  I used to harbor a lot of unkind thoughts.  For example, when I got the breast cancer diagnosis, I wondered, “I eat right. I exercise, and I don’t have a family history of breast cancer.  Why me?”  I felt that I had been terribly wronged; hence, as I stepped out of the hospital and saw all kinds of people walking down the street, I could not help thinking, “If I should suffer from this disease, then half of them should suffer too.”      

You may wonder why I would react this way.  Well, ever since I was little, I did very well in school.  I was one of the stellar students throughout my entire schooling.  I graduated from a prestigious senior high school and university. I got straight A’s when I was in graduate school, and passed with distinction the comprehensive exam of my master’s program.  Those were the pinnacles of my life.  Because I was used to success, I was not able to face adversity in life with a calm heart.

After learning the wisdom of yin and yang, I’ve realized that life is supposed to have its ebb and flow.  If you look at the Tai Ji symbol, you would see that the white part has a small black spot in it while the black part contains a white spot.  This symbolizes that life is impermanent and that nothing is absolute. A seemingly unfortunate event may be a blessing in disguise, and vice versa. Consequently, when life is smooth sailing, we need to be mentally prepared so that when difficult times set in, we are able to deal with them calmly and peacefully.  Even if we encounter setbacks, we have to look on the bright side of things so that we can have serenity and balance in the heart. I’ve also learned that our thoughts actually are a form of energy.  I used to believe that as long as I only thought bad thoughts it was acceptable because I didn’t carry them out and thus didn’t do anything wrong. However, hurtful thoughts are in fact negative
energy.  I‘ve listened to a speech given by a medical doctor, who mentioned that unhealthy emotions are like gases at first.  If we are able to release them properly and timely, we will be okay.  If we keep building them up, they will turn into liquids.  If we keep holding on to them, they will finally turn into solids and become tumors.  I think that is what had happened to me.

Therefore, after I realized the importance of the balance of yin and yang and the power of our thoughts, I nurtured a little voice inside me that keeps reminding me to focus on the positive, and I found that I looked at things quite differently from before.  

On Christmas day in 2006, I felt that there was a black curtain right in front of the corner of my left eye.  I consulted my brother-in-law, who is a medical doctor.  He urged me to have it checked as soon as possible.  Because I had breast cancer before, he worried that the worse case scenario was brain cancer.  The next day, after examining my eye, the ophthalmologist told me,” You have sudden retinal detachment.  It has progressed so fast that your eyesight might not be completely restored even after a surgery.”  Upon hearing this, I felt very relieved and happy.  I thought, “If I lose the vision in my left eye, I sill have the vision in my right eye, and best of all, this is not life-threatening!”  Therefore, I went to the hospital, feeling calm, cheerful, and thankful.  While getting ready to administer anesthesia on me, the anesthesiologist said, “I am so glad to see a smiling face!”  The operation was very successful, and I can see
very well with my left eye now.  Because I had learned to think positively, I was able to overcome another obstacle in my life smoothly.  I am now happier and healthier. I am not the only one that benefits from my improvement, my family and those around me benefit as well.  

I hope my story will help you to better understand the philosophy of yin and yang and the importance of positive thinking. I hope that you will keep thinking good thoughts and make your life better and make the lives of those around you better as well.

by Lily Chen, Tai Ji Men Dizi