About Qigong

Qi, which exists in the myriad things of the universe, is the origin of life; it is also the root of health.

Cheerful qi enables a person to

      • relax the muscles and ligaments
  • maintain normal blood pressure and steady pulses
  • have good metabolism
  • have good complexion
  • feel energetic
  • look younger
  • have better disease-fighting capacity
  • have better relationships with others
  • have better luck
  • create peaceful and harmonious atmosphere
  • be successful in his endeavors


The physiological benefits of practicing Tai Ji Men Qigong:

When a person practices Tai Ji Men Qigong, the amount of air breathed in or out generally is three to five times that of an average person. Such deep breathing allows the blood to absorb more oxygen and thus elevates oxygen levels in the cells and tissues.

For this reason, a person practicing Tai Ji Men Qigong for a period of time generally finds improvement in his complexion, metabolism, disease-fighting capacity, physical and mental health, magnetic fields, physical strength, energy level, wisdom of life, etc.